Julian Knight - The Hoddle St Massacre

“Julian Knight - The Hoddle St Massacre” 

Julian Knight - The Hoddle St Massacre

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This site has been created to operate as a complimentary information source to a book I am in the process of writing. My book is about my journey to understand the crime of mass murder. My interest in this subject developed as a result of living in Melbourne Australia during the time the Hoddle Street massacre occurred in 1987. I was 16 and shocked by the breaking news on the evening of 9th August 1987.


In the days that followed we learned that the perpetrator was a 19 year old discharged army cadet who went on a killing spree that seemingly had no rhyme or reason. During the months leading up to Julian’s sentencing I spent my time at the State library researching the information that flowed from the media.


Shortly after Julian was sentenced in November 1988 I wrote a letter to him indicating that my attempts to understand his actions were difficult and impeded by my limited knowledge, mostly fed by media accounts.


This began a mutual correspondence that still exists today. I have been in contact with Julian via mail, telephone and prison visits for the last 21 years. Over this time I have not only gained extensive knowledge of the crime of mass murder from an academic perspective, I have learnt much about myself and my ability to apply tolerance and understanding in adverse personal circumstances.


As a victim of violent crime since knowing Julian personally, I can honestly say that such an event in your life forever alters it. There is something lost when a person violates your rights and your sense of who you are. Can you ever get back what you had? I say no. You can’t go back because you are not the same person. You are changed. In my experience, it is what you do with the path your life has taken that will determine who you become, not the act that was committed against you.


It is my goal and my hope that, by writing and publishing my book “The Knight That Changed Our Lives” that I can share what I have learned personally and professionally about Julian and the crime of mass murder.

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