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“Julian Knight - The Hoddle St Massacre” 

About the Author

About the Author


This website was recently reported in The Age newspaper as a prank or hoax


The author of this website wishes to advise viewers that this site is not a ‘hoax’ or a ‘prank’ and was not instigated by the subject of the site, Julian Knight.

The site was created by myself and my husband as a ‘teaser’ for a book I am writing. The purpose of the current content on this site is to be a ‘filler’. As the project progresses, the site will evolve to contain chapter summaries, a public forum and research materials relating to the crime of mass murder in general and to the Hoddle Street massacre specifically.

This is a project that I have invested many years in. It was born as a result of being denied by the Victorian Office of the Correctional Services Commissioner the ability to conduct research on this case as part of a Masters program I was enrolled in during 1999-2002 in Melbourne.

Apparently it is the belief of the OCSC that my research with a surviving mass murderer has no benefit and can shed no light on the nature of this crime or what we as a society can do to prevent such tragedies. The document can be viewed here.

Since failing to gain approval in 2001, there have been at least 17 similar incidents of mass murder worldwide, one of the most recent being the Virginia Tech mass murder in 2007 where Cho Seung-hui took the lives of 32 people.

So many lives are directly and indirectly impacted by the act of mass murder. I took it upon myself, at age 17, to write to Julian Knight in 1988 and inquire as to why this happened. I have been in contact with Julian for the last 20 years, barring a period of 3 years in the 1990’s when Julian refused contact with me as a result of another person’s book being written about him without his consent, and a brief communication ban placed on me by the Office of Corrections until I agreed to discontinue any academic research efforts.

I make no apologies for my association with Julian Knight. My motivation for pursuing this research has not wavered from the night I heard the news about this tragedy the same as everyone else. This is my attempt to understand these crimes. I have never once been asked by Julian to do anything to further his public image good or bad. He has never interfered with my research and has only commented when asked.

I haven’t done anything wrong. I have never committed a crime and the only contact I have had with the criminal justice system has been as a victim of violent crime. It saddens me that people can try to make me feel guilty, heartless or crazy because I am trying to gain insight into the nature of the crime of mass murder.

I expect to receive negative responses to the project I have undertaken. I welcome constructive criticism. I do not expect to be threatened, harassed or manipulated as a result of this project (All of which I have been subjected to so far).

If you would like to make comments or ask questions please feel free to use the comment section of this site. A public forum is due to be added to this site in the near future.

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